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The Terrace offer both buffet and a la carte dining, with an extensive selection of main course salads, sandwiches, pastas, meat and seafood dishes.

Choose from a wide selection of appetizers, salads, soup of the day, carvings, freshly baked tarts, cakes, fruits and ice cream from the presentation counter.

Festive Seasonal Buffet At The Terrace
1(Mon) ~ 31(Wed) December

Lunch Buffet (Monday ~ Friday)
Adult KRW 85,000 / Child KRW 43,000

Lunch Buffet (Saturday & Sunday)
Adult KRW 96,000 / Child KRW 48,000

Dinner Buffet (Monday ~ Thursday)
Adult KRW 85,000 / Child KRW 43,000

Dinner Buffet (Friday ~ Sunday)
Adult KRW 96,000 / KRW 48,000

Festive Buffet At The Terrace
24(Wed), 25(Thu), 31(Wed) December, 1 January (Thu)

Breakfast Buffet (on 25 December, 1 January)
Adult 62,000 / Child KRW 31,000

Lunch Buffet
Lunch Adult KRW 98,000 / Child KRW 49,000

Dinner Buffet
Adult KRW 128,000 / Child KRW 64,000

Prices and items are for reference only. Grand Hyatt Seoul reserves the right to change the prices or terms and conditions without prior notice.

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The Terrace Menu @ Grand Hyatt Seoul