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As a multi-functional lifestyle destination, cuisine plays a focal role at Grand Hyatt Seoul. A variety of fine cuisines ranging from European to Japanese and Chinese are offered in the hotel’s 12 restaurants and bars, each showcasing its own unique style and authenticity.

The Paris Grill offers authentic European cuisine delivered with exceptional quality, fresh ingredients and simplicity of style. Akasaka serves an array of authentic Japanese cuisine in a breathtaking setting high above the Han River. The Chinese Restaurant represents the ultimate in authentic Northern Chinese cuisine. The Terrace is the perfect choice for a selection of delicious international dishes accompanied by a host of tempting desserts.

All our restaurants in Seoul present a diversity of culinary experiences that await your discovery, only at Grand Hyatt Seoul.

News & Events

  • Peruvian Food Festival

    Peruvian Food Festival

    The Terrace will be celebrating the culinary delights and flavours of the cuisine from Peru. Grand... [+]

  • Eel Promotion at Akasaka

    Eel Promotion at Akasaka

    Akasaka will be featuring one of the season's most popular health foods with a selection of eel dishes... [+]

  • Akasaka Weekend Brunch

    Akasaka Weekend Brunch

    Akasaka will be introducing the brand new Japanese Weekend Brunch for the very first time in Korea.... [+]

  • The Deli’s Yogurt Specials

    The Deli’s Yogurt Specials

    The Deli is presenting a variety of “Yogurt Specials” - a selection of healthy desserts for the... [+]

  • <strong></strong>Poolside BBQ

    <strong></strong>Poolside BBQ

    An idyllic, outdoor dining experience at Grand Hyatt Seoul. The Poolside Barbeque features ocean-fresh... [+]

  • The Paris Grill’s Champagne Brunch

    The Paris Grill’s Champagne Brunch

    If you’re looking for a sophisticated weekend brunch, then treat yourself to our renowned champagne... [+]

  • The Brand New Tenkai

    The Brand New Tenkai

    Tenkai, our renowned Japanese grill restaurant, recently unveiled a brand new interior.  This new... [+]

  • The Wine Club

    The Wine Club

    Grand Hyatt Seoul will be carrying on the tradition of its highly successful "The Wine Club" throughout... [+]



    Check out our latest news and special offers at Grand Hyatt Seoul’s Facebook Fan page www.facebook.com/grandhyattseoul... [+]

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The Terrace The Terrace

The Terrace

Grand Hyatt Seoul’s international buffet restaurant