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Akasaka Weekend Brunch

Akasaka Weekend Brunch

Akasaka will be introducing the brand new Japanese Weekend Brunch for the very first time in Korea.

The Akasaka Weekend Brunch offers sixteen different Japanese breakfast items, including a range of indulgent appetisers, tempura, teppanyaki, sashimi, yakitori, and twenty five different kinds of luncheon delicacies, along with healthy drinks in a buffet style.

Enjoy an authentic, traditional Japanese meal, prepared and designed by native chef Keiichi Watanabe, and experience the heartwarming pleasures of fine Japanese cuisine.

Dates: Saturdays & Sundays
Time: 11:30 am ~ 3:00 pm
Venue: Akasaka
Price: KRW 99,000 (including tax)
Information & Reservation: 02 799 8164

**Akasaka Weekend Brunch Gift Certificate is also available.

The Paris Grill’s Champagne Brunch

The Paris Grill’s Champagne Brunch

If you’re looking for a sophisticated weekend brunch, then treat yourself to our renowned champagne brunch buffet at The Paris Grill featuring an array of delectable delights.

Enjoy a variety of fresh brunch selections prepared to order by the Paris Grill chefs, as you enjoy the benefits of our buffet menu without any limits.

Try the “Pastry & Cereal Station” offering freshly baked pastries, breads and cereals, followed by the “Grilled Dish Station” serving a variety of meats and seafood. Then stop by the “Pasta Station” where a chef will create a customized omelet or prepare virtually any egg dish to your liking, or enjoy a made to order dish of spaghetti or linguine, followed by an endless array of appetizers and desserts.

To complement your brunch, enjoy a single glass of Moet Chandon Champagne, to enhance your dining experience.

Period: Weekends (Sat & Sun) and Holidays
Time: 10:30am - 2:30pm
Venue: The Paris Grill
Price: KRW 89,000 including one glass of champagne
Information & Reservations: 02 799 8161

Ladies Lunch Bunch 3+1

Ladies Lunch Bunch 3+1

The Paris Grill will be introducing a “Ladies Lunch Bunch 3+1” promotion designed for female guests who join us for lunch on weekdays (Monday ~ Friday) during the month of August.

With the approaching vacation season, this promotion provides the perfect opportunity to spend a relaxing lunch with family or friends, during the leisure days of summer.

The Business lunch at The Paris Grill offers 4 course meals featuring a buffet selection of appetizers, soup of the day selected by the chef, a main entrée and a dessert buffet. The appetizers and dessert stations are especially popular because of the selection of fresh seafood, cheese, salads, fresh seasonal fruits, sweet pastries and puddings. The entrée selections include a meat, fish or pasta dish, that change every week.

Enjoy your summer, with a visit to The Paris Grill for gourmet European fine dining, at reasonable prices.

Date: 3 August (Mon) ~ 31 August (Mon)
(Monday ~ Friday only)
Time: 12:00pm - 2:30pm
Venue: The Paris Grill
Price: KRW 62,000
Information & Reservations: 02 799 8161

Poolside Barbeque Opening

Poolside Barbeque Opening

An idyllic, outdoor dining experience at Grand Hyatt Seoul.

The Poolside Barbeque features ocean-fresh seafood, including cuttlefish, prawns, salmon and more, along with a wide array of prime beef, chicken, lamb chops and homemade sausages, all charcoal-grilled to perfection on the spot. In addition, a buffet of fresh salads, appetizers, side dishes and desserts await your discovery, completing the perfect outdoor dining experience.

For those who would like to enjoy a free flow of beverages, unlimited draft beer and soft drinks are available at a slight additional charge.

Come and enjoy the heavenly combinations of fresh spring air, starry night skies, and breathtaking city skyline views, as you enjoy a buffet of grilled delights.

Period: From 8 May (Fri)
Pre-Summer (May ~ June) 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Gold Season (July ~ August) 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
* may close due to rain
Pre-Summer Season
Weekdays (Mon ~ Thu)
Adults KRW 85,000 / KRW 125,000 including free flow of draft beer or soft drinks
Children (age of 48 months ~ 12): KRW 45,000

Weekends (Fri & Sat & Sun & Hol)
Adult KRW 95,000 / KRW 125,000 including free flow of draft beer or soft drinks
Children (age of 48 months ~ 12): KRW 45,000

Gold Season
Every Day (Mon ~ Sun & Hol)
Adult KRW 95,000 / KRW 125,000 including free flow of draft beer or soft drinks
Children (age of 48 months ~ 12): KRW 45,000
Information & Reservations: 02 799 8495

The Lobby Lounge’s Grand Bing Soo

The Lobby Lounge’s Grand Bing Soo

The Lobby Lounge is presenting 5 kinds of grand bing-soo.

These five selections include: Green-tea bing-soo with home-made red beans and macaroons on top of green tea milk ice, Milk bing-soo and Korean raspberry wine – Bokbunja bing-soo which appeal to the elders with taste and nutrition, and Assam Milk Tea bing-soo. The Assam Milk Tea bing-soo, is a newly introduced bing-soo brewed with the best tea leaves from India’s Assam region, blended with milk to keep you refreshed and ease your heat stressed mind with its black tea flavor.

Come and don't miss the coolest delicacy of the summer, milk Bingsoo at the Lobby Lounge.

Date: From 23 May (Sat)

Monday – Thursday: 9:00 am - 11:30 pm
Friday: 9:00 am – 1:00 am
Saturday: 10:00 am - 1:00 am
Sunday: 10:00 am – 11:30 pm

Green Tea Bingsoo KRW 30,000
Milk Bingsoo KRW 30,000
Bokbunja Bingsoo KRW 34,000
Mango Bingsoo KRW 34,000
Assam Milk Tea KRW 32,000

Venue: Lobby Lounge
Information: 02 799 8165


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